Don’t wait for others to research local salmon populations.

Find out who is also in your community who you can work with, figure out how to test your fish for pathogens, how you can protect your fish through our federal and provincial legislation and what work has already been done that can teach us how to let wild salmon thrive.

Science library: read more on aquaculture, community/co-management, habitat and restoration, hatcheries and enhancement and pathology

Mapster: online mapping tool by DFO regarding wild salmon prevelance, returns, habitat status, land-use, aquaculture and the Wild Salmon Policy

Sampling: read about our techniques and most recent results

Legal challenges: find out what sets legal precedent for
wild salmon and their habitat in BC, and how to file a charge as a private citizen

Contacts: find First Nation fisheries management bodies, conservation organizations and community groups working with wild salmon

Useful links: find links for contacts, labs, research stations, volunteer opportunities, supplies and other sites of interest