Results – Wild Salmon

Wild salmon (chum, sockeye, steelhead, coho, spring) were sampled in watersheds throughout British Columbia in the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012. So far, we have detected ISAv and IHNv in our wild samples:

  • ISA virus – coho, chum and chinook spawners, Harrison Mills, Fraser; sockeye fry, Rivers Inlet; chum spawner, Vedder River
  • IHN virus – chum spawner, Sharp Creek, Clayoquot; sockeye spawner, Kennedy River; chinook spawner, Muriel Creek; chum spawner, Englishman River; sockeye spawner, Northern Sprout Lake River; sockeye spawner, Sprout Lake

See here for information on pathogens detected in farmed salmon.

Presence of Pathogens in BC Salmon

For more details of the sampling, click on the map

  • Farmed Farmed
  • Wild Wild
  • Red – ISAv positive samples
  • Purple – IHNv positive samples
  • Green – PRV positive samples
  • Yellow – SAV positive samples

ISA virus testing in BC

The ISA virus positive tests in salmon from British Columbia:

1. Two Rivers Inlet sockeye smolts Oct. 2011, test by the OIE reference lab for ISA virus

BC SOCKEYE SMOLTS_VT10042001_OCTOBER 12 2011 copy

2. Three out of eleven salmon tested in from the lower Fraser River system same lab as above

Samples (SOCKEYE CHINOOK and COHO)_VT10142001_OCTOBER20 2011

3. 115 ISAv positives reported in 2004 draft DFO paper released by the Cohen Commission

Cohen Commission Exhibit #2045

4. One positive result by the DFO reference lab in Moncton NB on the sockeye smolts above, released by the Cohen Commission

Gagne ISA results Exh 2043

5. Dr. Kristi Miller of the Pacific Biological Station, DFO reports ISAv positives in Clayoquot Sound farm salmon 2011(select “application excel” to open these files)

ISA Clayoquot Exh 2053

6. Dr. Miller reports ISAv positives for many BC wild salmon collected in 1986

ISA 1986 Exh 2054

7. Dr. Miller reports ISAv positives for several Fraser River stocks 2007-2009

ISA MILLER many Sockeye Exh 2060

8. Dr. Miller reports ISAv in several Fraser River stocks 2007 – 2011

ISA Miller sockeye Exh 2061

9. An ISA virus strain called HPR5 was sequenced from the chum salmon from the Vedder (Morton samples – Feb. 14, 2012 – Sequence of ISAV RT-PCR positive results).

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