Salmon Disease Symptom Reporting

A number of European viruses are showing up in BC salmon, possibly imported by the salmon farming industry. We are trying to understand what kind of impacts these viruses may be having on wild salmon in BC. Lab testing is expensive but with your help we can target specific stocks & species that are showing higher incidence of disease symptoms.

Red fins SointulaWhat to do when you find a salmon disease symptom:

  • Take a picture of the disease symptom, as well as a picture of the whole fish.
  • Mark the date & location on a piece of paper & include it in every picture.
  • Email your photos to
  • Fill out the following form:

You can also help by distributing the Salmon Disease Symptom Reporting Poster poster at any fish cleaning station or fishing bulletin board where fishermen might see it. Download a high-res poster here.

DOWS PosterEmail for a waterproof poster to be mailed to you. Include the number of posters you would like as well as your mailing address and where you will be posting the poster. We suggest a donation be made of $5 – $10 per copy to made in order to help cover printing and shipping costs. To make a donation click here.