ISAv strain HPR5

The testing is now complete on the 29 Atlantic salmon from Vancouver supermarkets and the chum salmon from the Vedder River are complete.  An ISA virus strain called HPR5 was sequenced from the chum salmon (Morton samples – Feb. 14, 2012 – Sequence of ISAV RT-PCR positive results). HPR5 as well as HRP7b were identified by PCR in two of the Atlantic salmon heads purchased in Vancouver supermarkets (Morton samples – Feb. 14, 2012 – ISAV RT-PCR positive results updated April 04, 2012).

There are 4 stages of ISA virus detection; histology, PCR, sequencing and culturing. Canada only recognizes culturing as the definitive ISA virus result.  Chile, which met with $2 billion of devastation from an HPR7b mutation, uses the PCR test to make decisions about what course of action to take.  I am working to provide as high quality samples as possible to the lab to give him the opportunity to culture the virus if he finds it again.

I will continue to post results because it is not optimal for disease in salmon farms to be kept secret from a wild salmon management perspective.