Results – Farmed Salmon

Farmed atlantic salmon, steelhead and arctic char were purchased for pathology testing from various Vancouver supermarkets in early 2012. So far, our efforts have detected:

  • ISA virus – Recent test results indicate five of twenty-nine Atlantics tested positive for ISAv. HPR5 as well as HRP7b were identified by PCR in two of the Atlantic salmon heads purchased in Vancouver supermarkets (Morton samples – Feb. 14, 2012 – ISAV RT-PCR positive results updated April 04, 2012).
  • PRV – Results also indicate twenty-four of thirty-five Atlantics tested positive for piscine reovirus (PRV).
  • SAV – Recent samples of farmed steelhead from Lois Lake have indicated the first report of salmon alphavirus (SAV) in British Columbia.
See here for information on pathogens detected in wild salmon.

Presence of Pathogens in BC Salmon

For more details of the sampling, click on the map

  • Farmed Farmed
  • Wild Wild
  • Red – ISAv positive samples
  • Purple – IHNv positive samples
  • Green – PRV positive samples
  • Yellow – SAV positive samples

For previous symptoms and pathology detected in farmed salmon between 2006-2010, see BC Salmon Farm Audit Data 2006-2010 – FHAS 2006-2010

Location of BC salmon farms:

Click on the map for greater detail. Data courtesy of DFO Mapster.